Have you tried hemp-derived Delta 8 THC?

Nothing but giggles, a slight buzz, and sleep amazingly well with no typical side effects like marijuana edibles. You gotta try them. Plus, you get the health benefits!

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Maybe you’ve tried Delta 8 gummies and tinctures. There are plenty of brands to choose from.

Some taste great.  Some are effective.  Few are both.

Until now…

We are pleased to present to you our Kurativ Delta 8 collection.

Gummie sour rounds AKA little circles of joy. 1000mg Jar contains 40 delicious Delta 8 gummies. Each gummy delivers a precise dose of 25mg Pure Delta 8. 

2 - 1500mg Tinctures to choose from. 

Full spectrum 1:1 | CBD : Delta 8 750mg of each or 1500mg Delta 8 THC

*NOTE* Delta 8 is a Federally legal hemp derivative pursuant to the 2018 USDA Farm Bill.  

BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR STATE/LOCAL LAWS before ordering this product.  PhytoRite and Kurativ, LLC will not be responsible for any legal consequences including product confiscation, postal seizures, legal fines, or even arrest. 

*ATTENTION* Do not attempt to drive or operate machinery after using this product.  May cause drowsiness or intoxication.