When sex is better - life is better!

Cowgirl Soss, a Colorado-based, woman-owned company making fine hand-crafted, all-natural CBD infused health and lifestyle products. 

With the launch of Sex Soss™ to favorable reviews, they are ready to inspire and champion couples to get on their horses and ride.

Feel safe knowing Cowgirl did their part, so you know what you put on your parts is safe.


Our end-users confirmed a lack of quality and quantity of sexual intimacy was often a problem in their relationships.

Created initially as an infused lubricant product now called Sex Soss™ in small batches purely for personal use.  When they shared the concoction with close friends, everyone raved about it!  After a year of formal research and testing was conducted on available sex enhancement products in the market it was revealed that an extensive adult audience could benefit from a quality CBD infused enhancement oil.

  • Couples of all ages and different sexual preferences who field-tested Sex Soss vouched for the WOW factor of the Soss. 
  • No negative side-effects were reported following the use of the product. 
  • Our final formulation of Sex Soss proved to be an effective enhancement oil for our research group.
  • They just wanted more!!


Sex Soss™ is made with pure Hemp Isolate and contains no detectable traces* of THC.

The development phase was a lot about finding good people. The founders hired award winning cannabis entrepreneurs and a fabulous science team.

Cowgirl Soss LLC products are hand-crafted to maintain quality assurance of every batch: made with superior quality oils and pure Hemp Isolate* from the finest plant sources in Denver, Colorado. Free of artificial ingredients and third party tested for potency and microbial contamination.

Formulations are cruelty free, vegan and always third-party tested to make them safe and THC free*.  

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