Tired of feeling tired and being in pain?

Tired of feeling tired and being in pain?

December 12, 2017

Look to the person next to you. Chances are you or that person could suffering from chronic pain. The statistics say that over 50% of adults have suffered severe pain in the past 3 months and approximately 25% of people over 20 have experienced pain lasting at least 24 hours.

After conducting on-going research and interviewing caregivers the number one requested treatment plan using cannabis is for pain.

What have you suffered from physically? Back pain? Arthritis? Digestive issues? The real problem is most of us suffer from inflammation, I think you would agree. Inflammation affects all of us differently. For some, it can ultimately lead to cancer.

Have you heard of CBD yet? 

It’s the non-psychoactive, pain relieving compound found in Cannabis more abundantly in Hemp. Women love it because it helps them take charge of their wellness. NFL and MMA athletes are taking it as a neuroprotectant for head injuries and to speed up recovery time. Veterans are calling it the anti-gateway drug - getting them off of opioids and PTSD drugs. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) just announced CBD will be removed from its banned substance list. And, the UK just declared it a medicine January this year.

Bottom line…CBD could help support your body put itself back into balance naturally.

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

Can you imagine no longer waking up every morning feeling in pain??

How are your pets feeling? Maggie, my girlfriend’s 17-year-old Beagle could barely make it up the stairs. 8 drops in the morning and at night and she’s got pep in her step again.

The biggest heartfelt stories are kids suffering chronic seizures who lives are changed for the better because of a plants’ medicinal benefits.

When it comes to pain - our bodies, our kids, and pets do not lie, right!?

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