Delta-8 THC | What you need to know

Delta-8 THC | What you need to know

March 02, 2021

The newest cannabis product has been showing up in smoke and vape shops since fall 2020 and has been selling out fast.   

Delta-8 THC, known as “Weed Light,” promises a milder high than marijuana, with less of the uncomfortable paranoia which is typically caused from high levels of Delta-9 THC. Legal Delta-8, derived from hemp is about half as strong as Delta-9 derived from marijuana. 

Delta-8 is sold under several brand names and it comes in gummies, vape pens, flower (bud), and also tinctures. Some manufacturers wanting their products to be the first to market have released low quality products. Be cautious of poorly labeled products as a priority for safety, some gummies taste awful, and vape pens feel harsh when smoking.

The hemp industry is no stranger to numerous gray areas to overcome, and hemp-derived Delta-8’s confusing legal status may depend in large part on how it’s made, where it’s sold, and what health claims are made.

Marijuana and hemp share many of the same chemical compounds, over 100 cannabinoids, like CBD for what pains you and THC to get you high.

Legally, and scientifically, the THC molecule the public is familiar with is known as Delta-9 THC. The nearly identical molecule, found in much smaller quantities in both hemp and marijuana is called Delta-8 THC. Research on Delta 8-THC is limited. It is known to have some of the same intoxicating effects as Delta-9 THC - it is just less potent. It is about half as strong, the intoxicating effects don’t last as long, and the side effects like paranoia and anxiety caused from Delta-9 THC marijuana products are minimal.

Hemp flower being sold as Delta-8 bud is becoming popular. Retailers are selling it as Delta-8 flower, but it is infused with Delta-8 and may actually be sprayed on the bud.

Opponents are calling it "Spiked Weed”, the popularity of Delta-8 amounts to a kind of bait and switch. Some feel it’s exploiting the industrial hemp legislation.

The Farm Bill or Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, legalized growing hemp and selling hemp products, as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC. The Farm Bill does not address Delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 THC may be legal if extracted directly from hemp. In an industry full of regulations look for state and Federal rulings coming soon. For now, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers are enjoying “Weed Light” loopholes.

Delta-8 does have intoxicating effects. Be sure to check your labels and serving sizes. 

For recreational purposes it will give you a buzz. Remember that edibles take an hour or two to experience full effects.

For wellness purposes, many of the reported benefits are:

  • Controlling anxiety
  • Calming and relaxing
  • Deeper, longer, more restful sleep
  • Pain relief

Cannabis products are most efficacious when all the cannabinoids are present and working together, called the "entourage effect." These would be full-spectrum products. 

Now you can add some extra THC to your CBD and cannabinoid supplementation. Kurativ has 3 Delta-8 products - gummies and 2 different tinctures, all with clear labeling and dosing.

You can take more or less depending on your desired results.

***Do not attempt to drive or operate machinery. May cause intoxication or drowsiness.***

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