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CBD Edibles versus CBD Capsules: Which One Should You Take?

October 13, 2020

Imagine being in your late 60’s, retired, and taking your family on a dream trip to Disney World in Florida. You are feeling proud and are looking forward to the fun memories as you enter through the gates. You think nothing of the security checkpoint to keep everyone safe. They check your bag and come across your dropper bottle of hemp CBD. You think no big deal – it’s federally legal now. According to Florida law, you need a prescription or recommendation from a doctor to be in public possession.  Grandma got arrested in front of her family and grandchildren!

CBD Edibles versus CBD Capsules: Which One Should You Take?

Options to take CBD have evolved into numerous ways to consume and supplement your CBD intake. There are multiple things to consider as you purchase edible or capsulated CBD products.

Taking CBD in either capsule or gummy comes down to your preference - Do you want a more enjoyable experience, or are you taking CBD just like you take any supplement in capsule form?

Before discussing the general science, let’s refer to the real-life scenario in Disney World. There are still many nuances regarding cannabis laws, and they differ from state to municipality and even public and private businesses.

Most likely, if grandma had her CBD in a capsule form along with her other meds or supplements, she probably would not be in that mess and would have enjoyed her dream vacation with her family. Gummies might have gotten her into trouble, too, especially if they were labeled. 

How discreetly can they be ingested?

Ask yourself, what appears normal in consuming supplements on the go? If you do not want to let others know that you are taking CBD, supplements or edibles will let you get your dosing anytime and anywhere discretely. Nobody would question why you would want to eat “candies” instead of seeing you take a capsule now and then. 

When keeping medicated edibles or candies in your bag, make sure to practice discretion with packaging and access when children are present.

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Where can you find them? 

Many brick and mortar and online stores legally selling hemp CBD products will have both forms available for their customers. Many big brand stores are still limited to topicals and zero THC only products typically because of their bank or credit card processor restrictions. While CBD capsules have been in circulation longer, most expand their CBD product lines to include edibles and CBD-infused vapes. Specialty shops online and retail will have the best selection, but not necessarily the best quality. Dispensaries in legal states are usually more expensive for CBD products. 

How much are we paying for CBD?

The typical benchmark for CBD is $0.10 per mg of CBD. For example, if a product has 10mg of CBD per serving, then you are paying about $1.00 for that serving of CBD. Edibles and other infused products have a higher fixed cost due to other added ingredients and manufacturing. Capsules containing hemp oil with CBD are a lot lower. If you prefer vegan-friendly, meaning no gelatin, the cost goes up. Pay attention to the labels!  Another way companies are reducing prices is by using CBD isolate vs. full spectrum. Tinctures are much lower in cost because of their simplicity in manufacturing; however, the biggest objection is their taste. Gummies and capsules are preferred for experience, convenience, and taste much better.

CBD isolate is the lowest cost due to market conditions even though it is refined much more. It is more ubiquitous because it is easier to store, transport, and add to consistency. There are much fewer restrictions due to its lack of THC. 

How fast can your body absorb them? 

Choosing between edibles and capsules, you might consider how fast the body absorbs them, how accurate their dosing is, and added ingredients mixed with the CBD. The effects of both CBD edibles and capsules will usually last from anywhere between four to six hours, depending on your body's metabolism and how much food you have eaten before ingesting the CBD products. Since cannabinoids are fat-soluble, it is suggested that they are taken with food to boost absorption. Both CBD edibles and CBD capsules will usually take at least an hour before their effects are felt. CBD edibles are mostly available in gummy form, but hard candies are starting to get market exposure. Drinks and treats infused with CBD or hemp extract are also being stocked on shelves. 

Which form can give you accurate dosing? 

If you want to have accurate dosing of CBD, then capsules will be better suited for you. Each capsule has an exact dosage of CBD contained in them. With accurate amounts of CBD in each capsule, you can easily calculate how many capsules you must take to reach the dosing recommended. You may also include taking CBD capsules along with other supplements that you are taking. However, it is essential to discuss supplementation with your medical professional to determine which medications, vitamins, and supplements you may or may not combine with them.  

CBD edibles in gummies may contain information on the amount of CBD contained in each gummy. However, since most CBD edibles are made by incorporating cannabidiol oil to a recipe, some edible forms such as drinks, snacks, chocolates, or baked goods may only give you information on CBD's amount in the package. Therefore, you may have to do a serving size conversion or conduct your own trial and error on dosing to reach your desired results. See what works for you!

We suggest edibles be consumed as a way to get extra cannabinoids in your diet, not the mainstay of your supplementation. Especially if you are watching your budget because more expensive edibles add up quickly. 

What other ingredients are mixed in with the CBD? 

Another consideration in choosing CBD to take is the presence of other ingredients with the CBD. Both capsule and edible forms of CBD may come as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or as an isolate. Other compounds from the hemp plant, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), may still be present at minute amounts.

On the other hand, CBD isolates will contain pure CBD. The presence of these other cannabinoid compounds may cause a more pronounced entourage effect. However, if you only need pure CBD effects like pain relief, then the isolate forms will be ideal for you. 

CBD in capsule forms will not contain any sugars or added ingredients to taste better, making it more suitable to treat ailments associated with blood sugar, like diabetes. 

To sum it all up, both CBD capsules and edibles have their advantages and disadvantages. What form you want to take them will depend on your preference and lifestyle. At PhytoRite, we’re available to answer any questions you may have. Reach us through our Facebook Messenger or send email.

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