Benefits of Affiliate Marketing with

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing with

April 02, 2021

When PhytoRite launched its online catalog this past December, we re-launched our affiliate program shortly afterwards. We want to take a moment to discuss the benefits of affiliate marketing.

  • It’s a low-cost business idea
  • No expertise is needed
  • Low investment costs
  • Additional source of income
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Independence

PhytoRite represents over 15 vetted Brands and we plan on adding more throughout the year. These brands provide you the opportunity to generate additional income. CBD and other cannabinoids are HOT! And, hemp goods are going to be hot too.

To learn more about becoming a Phytorite Affiliate Marketer, fill out this form.

Becoming an Affiliate 

As an affiliate marketer, you become an independent promoter of a chosen product OR range of products from a selected niche, on behalf of vendors. Being an affiliate publisher means having freedom to build your online presence. It’s your independent call on when or where your job gets done, how you reach your customers and optimize the whole marketing process. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest online business models to start earning passive income online. We make is hassle-free as possible. However, it can be a tough business model. Many of the challenges are on you and the performance relies on your determination, approach and affiliate strategy you choose to follow.

All in all, the whole game is about earning a satisfying cut of sales. But, you have to ask yourself, who is listening to you and who is your audience?

It’s a low-cost idea

The advantage of being an affiliate marketer, is it’s a pretty easy industry to join. It is just a matter of your decision. Action steps you can do is create a blog (aka affiliate marketing website), build your list, post comments and links to your relevant content, and/or build your following on your social media channels. Of course, you can become an affiliate marketer without a website, though we don’t recommend that because you want to build a community or list and nurture those relationships. 

The next step would be to choose a niche and find a particular product or good(s) that are relevant for you to market. Then you simply sign up for a selected marketing program, and you’re ready to start.

No expertise needed.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can learn along the way, testing various organic (or paid) campaigns. Some ideas that work: share stories of real-life experiences, interview other experts, and create content (blog, vlog, podcast, YouTube videos, etc. There are plenty of ways to run and manage your affiliate marketing programs. Leverage any of your marketing experiences and identify what performs best and brings the most sales and profits. Then optimize and repeat the successful patterns to get results.

Low investment costs

In the beginning your operating expenses of the affiliate marketing business are almost non-existent.  You work online so you can do it from your home. There are optional additional costs related to setting up your domain, your website and other costs to designing the logo, designing the website and so on – provided you decide to establish your affiliate marketing website.

This can be your secondary income

Starting up as an affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to leave your current job. You can do it as a side hustle, set goals, and build a significant additional revenue stream.

It offers convenience and flexibility

You can continuously create multiple campaigns on different affiliate websites and landing pages to market your affiliate links so you can abandon the poorly performing ones and optimize the successful ones.

You don’t have to stick with one affiliate marketing program. Select a few various products from a chosen niche (or you can test various niches) and promote them on a daily basis.

This way you can add a beautifully diversified portfolio of affiliate marketing activities generating income for you.

It offers you independence

The flexibility of making your working environment your own and according your will is another incentive. Whether it is at your home or somewhere warm and sunny – you decide. You can work on this as long as there is internet connection.

Bureaucracy is limited. As an independent business owner, you don’t need to follow any company regulations, just watch the medical claims that you make especially in CBD.

Other bonuses:

Marketing – usually marketing materials are provided by vendors so you don’t need to produce any banners or any promotional materials. You are all set.

Passive income 24 hours a day. This is the strong PRO feature of affiliate marketing. The opportunity to make passive income while you sleep.    

There’s unlimited income potential.

PhytoRite is genuinely passionate about the industry it serves and strives to identify more vetted brands for their customers. What is exciting is how innovative the hemp industry is. We will be positioned to offer more efficacious, wellness products and sustainable industrial hemp goods that people will love.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for brand suggestions or to become an affiliate marketer. We’d love to hear from you.

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