Respire Salve 600

Green Cherry Organic's new Respire Salve!  Respire includes Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. 

All organic ingredients formulated with our pure whole-plant extract derived from USDA certified organic hemp, infused in organic coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax.

600mg CBD / 1oz. Jar


Attributes: known for its ability to treat pain and swelling. On the skin, it acts as a counter-irritant and used topically to relieve pain and swelling. It’s also used for the treatment of nail fungus, eczema, helps induce sleep, reduce itching, treats cold and cough symptoms, and promotes hair growth.
Menthol Menthol
Attributes: known for its ability to cool, refresh, and revitalize the skin. Menthol increases the effectiveness of certain topically applied medicines by vasodilation which is enlarging the blood vessels and allows medicines to penetrate deep into the affected area. It’s also known for its ability to improve cold symptoms and improves breathing.
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus 
Attributes: known for its ability to ease joint pain and reduce inflammation. When combined with camphor and menthol it has been studied for its ability to reduce common cold and respiratory symptoms and helps improve breathing.
Lavender Lavender is known for its antiseptic, anti-inflammation, and antifungal properties. It supports accelerated wound healing and is known for its calming properties.

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