Equine Mint CBD 50mg

Equine Mint High Potency CBD

Panacea Pets - Equine THC Free CBD Tablets are designed to help your horse with complications, like inflammation, pain, and a nervous disposition. 

Easy to administer tablet that will provide your horse with optimal health benefits. May help your horse or donkey move better and stay calmer. These tablets each contain 50 mg of CBD with a mint flavor they love.


PANA Pet® Equine CBD Tablets designed to help your horse with health complications and ease daily routines. Easy to administer tablet that will provide your horse with the optimal natural health benefits. Each bottle contains thirty tablets with the purest and most potent hemp oil. Our PANA Pet® team believes it is best for our large animal friends to not have THC in their CBD products; all PANA Pet® products are THC-Free.

Due to restrictions from the CDFA (California Department of Food and Agriculture), this product is currently not available for sale or shipment into California.


  • Promote Joint health
  • Promote a greater sense of calm
  • Made to have maximum bioavailability
  • Made with THC-Free CBD
  • May help with increasing mobility
  • Easy to administer
  • May give your horse an added boost to their health

How to Use

Use one tablet twice daily depending on your horse’s health needs. Higher doses may be needed for larger breeds or chronic health issues. Allow at least five days to note a response, some horses may respond sooner.

This product was designed for use on animals, not humans.

Consult with your veterinarian before starting your horse on any dietary supplements.

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