CBD/CBG Oil 3300 THC-Free

3300mg CBD/CBG Hemp Oil THC-Free                        10:1 cbd:cbg 110mg per ml

Don’t want THC? No problem! This CBD/CBG hemp oil contains 0% THC and still brings a similar entourage effect that you’d experience with a full spectrum oil.
When combined, CBD and CBG complement each other and the effects are amplified. Our hemp oil contains 1mg of CBG for every 10mg of CBD. (10:1)

We start with high-grade 100% Organic MCT oil, blended with pure, isolated CBD and CBG extracts to deliver a precise, highly concentrated dose.
Blending CBD & CBG helps create overall balance and regulate the body, resulting in a variety of related benefits that may help with:
• Reducing pain and inflammation
• Sleep
• Mood enhancer
• Bone stimulant
• Muscle Relaxation
• Anxiety relief
• Nausea

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