Maybe You Can Relate?

Hi, Welcome to PhytoRite Marketplace. My name is, Charlie Garden Stivers. Yes, my middle name really is, Garden.

My great – great – great grandfather, Alexander Garden was a botanist and zoologist. When the Gardenia was discovered it was named after him in honor of his work in helping to explore the new America and add new species of plants and animals to the binomial nomenclature.Β 

My roots continued to grow, living and working on a farm in the Garden State – western New Jersey. It’s so different from what people think of NJ.

I developed a green thumb – I loved growing plants at home and in the garden and raising animals. I remember my mom bringing home an Aloe plant in the early eighties. She taught me that its sap is medicine. I pinched off a small piece and rubbed it on my skin to try it. That was the beginning of plant-based medicine for me.

I researched and used natural remedies and alternatives to heal our pets. Instead of dangerous topicals and prescriptions with side effects I healed my Bulldog with natural remedies from mange and seizures. I learned how commercial pet food and feed for livestock was poisoning our animals. We saw pets dying of cancer at an early age. I learned from my dad – what we gave our cattle and livestock to consume we ended up consuming, too.

When the medical marijuana movement began I was skeptical like most people. I tried it in my young adult years, then later medicinally to ease belly aches. It worked…but I didn’t like getting high. I began researching all the different uses and stumbled upon CBD. I heard about its anti-inflammatory properties. As I crossed into my 40’s I began feeling the aches and pains and would wake up sore and not feeling rested.

I bought a tincture from my friend in the industry. I started with 8 drops in the morning and a night. The next morning I felt immediate relief. I now wake up rested with less sleep and the aches and pains are gone.

I researched more – I discovered that the US Government has a patent (Google: patent 6630507) on cannabinoids as a Neuroprotectant and Antioxidant. My daughter had brain surgery when she turned 4 years old. My son had a terrible concussion from a fall at school. I use CBD for them as a supplement to help their young brains. And, they love the topical salves for pain relief, too. All with no side effects!!

My partner in life and brand ambassador, Mia Voss uses CBD to keep her hot flashes away and as an anti-anxiety.

My β€œwhy” for launching PhytoRite continues as I hear more stories of healing and pain relief for others. So many people are getting their quality of life back naturally! This is what we want for you, too.

Charlie Stivers - Founder