CBD Serving Size Suggestions

Every BODY is different and the information provided is merely a guideline/starting point for your experience. Here are a few ways to find the right amount for YOU.

Start with the lowest serving recommended for your weight & health condition
then gradually adjust your dose until you obtain the best results.

You will have to stay on a particular dose for several days in a row so that you can clearly see how you feel and what results that particular dose is giving you until you decide to adjust it. 

Gauge your pain levels when you notice them most in the past. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? How did you sleep? 

When adjusting your serving, make very small changes, taking one step at a time toward reaching the ideal dose. .25ml increments would be ideal.

Hemp oil rich in cannabidiol with other cannabinoids has proven to be most effective when taken as a consistent regimen. 

How does taking supplements fit best into your daily routine so you make it a daily habit? We recommend twice a day and split the daily serving size in half.  

Your own personal journey taking hemp supplements is different from everyone else. We designed this simple tool to help you be successful in getting the relief you want and maintaining optimal wellness.

Please find product specific serving size sheet under each tincture to aid in your supplementation regimen.

Remember: Consistency is key to your success with wellness and pain relief.  

Phytorite CBD oil product guide

Tips for success with CBD

serving size and dosage for CBD success


CBD For Pets:

Here are Suggested Usage amounts for pets (you can also use the weight & pain level chart above as well):