Achieve CBD Affiliates

Achieve CBD+ Affiliate program partners with PhytoRite and MediTrina!

Achieve members get 10% off automatically. You choose to share 10% off first orders with your clients. 

Use ACHIEVE at checkout.

Achieve Affiliates get 20% comp on all your retail sales every month! Use our app and sales are forever coded to you!

Wholesale and white label channels are available. Contact us to help you facilitate your orders and manage expectations. 

How to Become an Achieve CBD / PhytoRite Affiliate? 

1- Fill out the Affiliate Program Application - Intake form to gather your info.

2- Place your first order and start offering CBD products to your clients, friends, and order for yourself to receive outstanding profits.
3- Download the FREE web-based app
Have your profile pic and background image ready on your phone for quick set up.

4- Become an Achieve Systems Member (value-packed and voted the top opportunity in our industry)

Additional Benefits
- Determine if you want to take the education and become a certified CBD Specialist.  CLICK HERE!

- Determine if you want to do the FREE marketing systems with Schwing Marketing that all affiliates are provided

- Determine if you want to attend an Achieve Biz Explosion Conference and learn how to grow your business, gain clients and successful as our VIP Guest.

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About the Achieve Systems
Business Building at its best!
Achieve Systems provides revenue streams for businesses in the therapy, fitness, nutrition, wellness, beauty and health industry. It is our goal to help you succeed by providing you additional opportunities to grow your revenue and business while helping your clients even more.

Schwing Marketing is the leader in marketing in our industry and runs the CBD+ Affiliate program together with PhytoRite.  They will be your go to team to assist you in your success, place orders and grow your business.
  Achieve CBD team
Our team is made up of 40 plus industry leaders that are here to help you become more successful!

Why MediTrina and PhytoRite?

Affiliate Program Rules & Regulations
- No minimum orders ever after 1st order:  1st order must exceed $120.00 to become an affiliate.  After that you have no requirements to purchase product and you are a affiliate.

- You agree to represent the product line to your customers within the provided information by the manufacturers.

- Affiliates agree to promote the products with professionalism and high ethics.

- Affiliate agrees to never misrepresent the product line or companies.

- Marketing - We provide our affiliates marketing materials and you agree to not alter without written permission.

- Schwing Marketing provides training to help affiliates sell product and grow business.  Affiliates voluntarily attend trainings at their own discretion.  

- Affiliates agree to hold all parties harmless for any actions, activities or occurrence's in their business.  This is valid when you apply to become an affiliate.

- The product line is subject to change with notice.

- Affiliates must be or become a member of Achieve Systems.  Inquire within!
Achieve PhytoRite CBD Affiliate program