The TruPura CBD Story

Nine years ago, their founders created history, laying the foundation of the United States’ cannabis industry by starting the brand, incredibles.  trupura CBD leadership has been driven by patients and their families since day one, creating relationships with regulators and advocating legalities that promote safety and access to cannabis.  They used their experience in creating and operating a state-of-the-art kitchen formulating medical-focused, consistent products that secure patients’ trust.  

 Through invention and innovation, they created many products of various ingredients, potencies, and methods of delivery — all of which have been inspired and encouraged by people like you. Their greatest joy is serving customers and patients, positively impacting lives with a safe, natural remedy. After years of exploration of the cannabis plant and responding to patients’ needs, they’re thrilled to provide a new brand of CBD products, handcrafted with the same commitment to integrity they’ve maintained since 2010.   

What Sets trupura Apart?


Ownership and production teams have over a decade of experience creating infused products.


Handcrafted goods using only Colorado-grown hemp certified by the state’s Department of Agriculture.


Organic, gluten-free, and sustainably-sourced ingredients, as well as natural colors and flavors. Consistent, Broad spectrum hemp extract rich in CBD and free of THC is their preferred cannabinoid profile across all their products.  


Third-party lab, triple-tested products to ensure safety, quality, and consistency.